[BUG] When modifying a note during studying, type in field is not updated

If I have a type-in field, and that during studying I modify the note after having revealed the back (and eventually having wrote something in the field), the comparison will not be updated, whereas the rest of the card will be.

Also, as an aside (this has nothing to do with rest), I have noticed an issue on github related to the type-in diff algorithm, and I was wondering why you would bother using a library (which seems the core of the issue) when it’s a longest common subsequence problem, and that the solution is easy to implement (just checkout the wikipedia page for a full solution which also includes how to print the diff, among else). @dae

A reimplementation seems to be on the to-do list.

Yes, that’s the issue I was talking about. And I don’t understand why they want to use the diff utility which works line-by-line instead of the regular character-by-character longest common subsequence algorithm.

Sorry, I must have skipped the “on github” part. :slightly_smiling_face: