updateNoteFields not working properly?

I’ve been troubleshooting an application which uses AnkiConnect (https://github.com/FooSoft/anki-connect) to make updateNoteFields requests.

The issue I’m having is that the note does not appear to update properly with new values set for fields like Front and Back. It does so, however, when I change tags associated with the note.

I have traced the issue to be happening in this line:

I am wondering why the note updates properly only when it is accompanied by tag update. Is this a known behavior/bug?

Unfortunately I don’t know much Rust, so I didn’t fully understand the relevant code in the Rust layer, but it appears something is lost between it and the Rust layer. I’m just speculating but I’d like to see what the right step is to correct the situation.

Thank you for your time.

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Can you reproduce the problem using stock libanki calls and not using the add-on? If so, please send me a minimum reproducible example.

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