Bug Report : shortcut of check pronunciation is broken

Bug Report :

In 2.18, the new “check pronunciation” interface is simple and ease for eyes, but the keyboard shortcut functions become broken.

In 2.16

Shift-v = record own voice from the beginning again and again

In 2.17

Shift-v = record own voice continually (the new voice will be added to the end of the recorded voice)

In 2.18 you can record only once by shift-v

When you input shift-v more than 3 times, it will not record any more but relay the recorded voice.

About the shortcut “v” (replay recored voice) , after you input shift-v and it begins to record the voice, if you input ‘v’ instead of ‘shift-v’, the app crash.

On other platform like desktop and ankimobile, the shift-v is record again and and again from the beginning

I hope the shortcut shift-v can record again and again which is very useful for practicing spoken language.

I also hope that there is an on-and-off setting: Replay the recored voice immediately after recording which will be much easier to check the pronunciation.
Or alternatively fix the “v” will can finished the recording and replay the voice which is the function in 2.16.

Thank you very much for your fantastic job.

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