Bug: Info on back of card does not reset after making a new card

I started having a bug last year - after I hit submit for a card with information on the front and back, the front resets to a blank but the back still contains the old information. This makes making new cards tedious and not as seamless because I have to manually delete the information on the back of the card when am making the next card.

Not sure if this was the cause or a coincidence, but the bug only appeared after I edited a card from the “browse” tab that appears in a pop-out window while the same card was open in study mode in another window.

Creating a new second profile fixes the issue such that I can create decks with cards like normal, but if I import decks from the first profile to the new profile, that specific deck still has the same issue. Has anyone had this issue before? Does anyone know how to fix this?

You have the sticky field activated. Click on the pin icon of the back field to solve the problem.


That fixed it! Thanks so much! I should have posted on this forum sooner.

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