Bug importing CSV with certain Unicode characters

When importing a CSV file with a Unicode non-breaking space, I get an error:

Internal Error

The offending character is:
(I can’t paste it in this forum, it just gets converted to a regular space.)

More problem characters are the en dash –, U+2013 : EN DASH and the degree sign °, U+00B0 : DEGREE SIGN

you mean you can’t type /nbsp?

In what context? I’m exporting a CSV file from Excel, and it has a bunch of these characters. I’m having to identify them all individually to remove them, which is time-consuming. Probably what I’ll do is just remove all non-ASCII characters. But it would be nice if the bug was fixed. The degree symbol and the en dash aren’t particularly rare characters.

Did you try the troubleshooting steps from the manual at here?

Ah, I see. I need to convert the file to UTF-8. Thanks.

Is the file UTF-8 encoded? Text Files - Anki Manual Oh good, you found that on your own before I refreshed! Yes, that should work.

[Don’t bother with the Troubleshooting checklist for now. There’s nothing about this issue yet that suggests that would help.]

Thanks for the report; logged on Invalid CSV error is not clear · Issue #3248 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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