Line breaks are removed when importing CSV on Linux

I recently switched from Windows to Linux. When importing a CSV file on Anki Desktop for Linux, the line breaks are removed. Happens for DOS and Linux style line endings. Same process worked fine for Anki on Windows.
Anyone seen this problem?

Anki Desktop 2.1.56 QT 6.4.0
Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

Could you provide a file sample?
I think if you replace “\n” for “<br>” in a notepad, you could paste via html.

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It happens with every file that contains line breaks. I want to attach a test csv file, but I can only upload images?
The content looks like this:

“Here is a
line break”,“Line break will
be removed”

→ Will be imported as one line without break per card.

Yes I could use HTML
instead of line breaks, but I have huge datasets and doing it manually is not feasible. Line breaks work perfectly fine on Windows, so why not Linux?

Maybe you were using a different version on Windows? In any case, a fix should be in the next update.

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