Bug: Text file import does not recognize quoted multi-lines

Text file import function on version 2.1.60 fails to recognize the multi-line field in text files of the form

foo; "a single line answer"
bar; "a multi
line answer"
foofoo; "barbar"

It does instead interpret line answer as a separate note to import.
This problem does not happen when importing the same file using the “Legacy import/export handling” in the preferences (editing tab).

I’m using the Mac (intel) version.

I suspect it will work if you remove the leading space before the quote character. Older Anki versions may have accepted your file, but it’s not valid according to the CSV spec.

Thank you, dae, very much appreciated! That did indeed solve the problem.

However, the online manual (docs ankiweb net importing.html) still suggests the non-working syntax with the white space before the quote. I don’t know if that deserves a separate post or if you have any (contacts with) power over the manual content.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve updated the docs.

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