Bug: can't get light theme on one deck


Been using your ios app and I think it’s very useful. I like the two themes that follow the system. But one of my decks doesn’t seem to follow it, it always stays in dark theme. Any ideas for why?

Tried to force both dark and light theme, also tried to look if I’ve accidentally set a specific setting to this deck but thought it was difficult to find if there is such a setting. The cards are dark theme but the bottom bar with stats follows the app theme(light).

The deck is japanese core 2000. My other decks work well.

Thanks in advance for your help

While reviewing a problem card, you’ll need to tap on the gear/cog, scroll down to Card Template, tap on Styling, and then change the color: and background-color: lines

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Thanks a lot! Worked like a charm. :slight_smile: