Browser auto-refresh

Can there be an option that makes the browser automatically refresh whenever a note is added in the note editor? I had the note editor call the appropriate hook and catch this in the browser class to then refresh the list of notes, and I didn’t really notice any performance impact doing this.
Maybe make it a setting that is disabled by default?

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Picking the “Added” filter does not make it refresh. Could this possibly be a bug?

Clicking the “Added” filter is working to refresh Browse for me. What version are you using? Are you doing something different than this?

  • From Browse, open Add Note window
  • Add a note
  • In Browse, click Added filter

Maybe I should’ve worded it differently. What I meant was that I would like an option where the browser is automatically refreshed (with whatever active filter the user had) whenever a note is added. No extra user interaction required.

Oh yes, I understood that. I was only responding to you saying that the related solution you linked wasn’t working.

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Another trick I used was switching between cards and notes to refresh. Means I can keep the current filter. But yeah, I much prefer the refresh through a hook.

The current situation is misleading for users.

Is there even a need to make it an option? I would think this should be the default behaviour. This is also how the Android app behaves.

Re-running a search every time the user performs some action like typing a character would make the browser slower, and it makes it harder to notice when you do things like delete notes.

the main feature I want is an automatic update of the browser whenever a new note is added. i’m not sure if this would cause performance issues in other use cases than mine, or if people want different variations of auto-refreshing.