Anki Browser Search Doesn't Update

I use a shortcut to create new cards instead of using the “Add” button, so the only way to modify them is through the Browser after they are already made. However, since the newer version of Anki doesn’t update the search anymore, this is not possible (Unless I manually update it, which is quite a chore if you make hundreds of cards per day. Also, I have to visually confirm the creation of the cards using the Browser window, and it not updating kills my entire process). That forces me to keep using the version 2.1.44. I’ve been skipping from version to version of Anki to either fix some issue I was having or to get a new function I was needing, which is exactly what I have with version 2.1.44 and its black screen after reviewing a deck that forces me to restart it all the time. That and several of the other issues I’m having with that version were fixed in the 2.1.45 and above, but this matter of the browser not updating makes them useless to me. Is there a way to go back with the change, maybe give the user the option of choice, or at least give me some way to fix it myself? This has been causing me great trouble, so any help is very appreciated.

As you alluded to, the Add screen has a history button. If you’re using some custom method of adding cards instead, you’ll need to make some custom method for keeping track of the cards as well.

To give it a bit more of insight, what I do is, I use this website to create cards using videos: GitHub - animebook/ In-browser video player for learning Japanese with subtitles</ . It adds audio, image and text to the cards I make, but I must know that the card has been added before adding the context to it. For that, I must keep the browser opened all the time like in the video to make sure everything is moving smoothly and to edit the cards. Since my cards are language cards, I also have to add or edit a lot of information to the cards after they are made, so the browser updating is extremely important.

I don’t know, I’ll just keep suffering with the 1.44 version, sorry to bother.

Same issue here, I updated yesterday from because of AnkiConnect but it’s a pain having to refresh the card browser manually. I’d love to see the card browser automatically update with the new cards like it did before.