Newly added ANKI card isn't immediately show

Normally when I add cards, I’m in the browser. Add a bunch of cards and copy content from the cards, e.g. literature reference. Or I have some cards from A->B and B->A, A vs B etc. This really helps me to remember cards.

The problem is that with Anki 2.1.47 my workflow has been disrupted. So when I create a card, it isn’t immediately shown in the browser. I need to close the browser and then open it again. And then I will see my newly created card.

This is not a problem of any plugin since I have tried disabling them all and nothing happened. This is also not an OS problem since I have the problem on Fedora 34 and Windows 10.

I can’t recall any release in which the browser had live updates for new notes. Generally, the browser should have become better at live updating over the last few releases.
By the way, you don’t have to close the browser, just repeat the current search.

In the past, certain actions like closing the Add Cards window would cause the browser to re-run the search. Anki no longer does this, because it may not always be what users want, and it’s slower. You can hit enter in the search area as Rumo’s mentioned, or see the history of added cards using the history button of the add cards window.

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