How can I turn on auto-update in Browse?

After creating new cards, I very often want to add something that I missed in the study material or edit the card just before or earlier with something I just realised.

This is made all the more frustrating by the fact that it seems you need to close the Browse window Every. Single. Time. and then re-open it to see the newly created ones.

It’s extremely weird for the Browse page to not automatically update but is there just a setting I missed to enable this?

This is not supported at the moment. Relevant topic: Browser auto-refresh



No need to close and re-open the window. You can use “History” from the Add Note window to jump right to the note – in the Browse window, you can re-run your search (or re-click the filter item in the left sidebar) to get a fresh list. You’ll see all of today’s added cards with added:1.