Bird sound from Europe

This is about the deck ‘Bird sound from Europe’. The deck will get some extensions. You can ask questions here. Best regards brickegickel

Hi, could you add the link to the shared deck here?

peregrine falcon and greater white-fronted goose added
(neu: Wanderfalke und Blässgans)

black grouse added
(neu: Birkhuhn)

red-backed shrike call added, (neu: Neuntöter R)

common pochard call added, (neue Tafelente R)

Western Bonelli’s warbler call, black-crowned night heron added (Berglaubsänger, Nachtreiher)

water pipit - song, Bergpieper
Alpine chough, Alpendohle
rock ptarmigan - song, Alpenschneehuhn
citril finch - song, Zitronengirlitz