Learning sibling cards together (bird image and bird sound)

Hi folks! I’ve recently started using Anki, and while I’m overwhelmed, I’m also amazed at the many possibilities. For my exam I need to study 100 birds. Specifically, I need to be able to identify them by sight, by sound, and name their habitat. For that I have created a note-type “bird”, with 4 fields (song, image, name, habitat). From that note-type, I created two card-types:

  1. “image-front”, which displays the image and the sound on the front, and the name on the back, and
  2. “sound-front”, which only displays the sound on the front, and the name and the image on the back
    I’d like to learn 5 birds a day. And if possible, I’d like to learn the bird’s sight and sound on the same day. So my “New Cards/Day” is set to 10 (5 for sight and 5 for sound). However, how can I ensure that on any given day (in addition to review), I receive a sight and a sound card for 5 different birds? In other words, how can I ensure that sibling cards are learnt together?

Best regards and thank you!

Make sure the “bury related new cards/reviews until the next day” options under the New Cards and Reviews tabs of the deck options screen are deactivated.


Thank you @abdo ! is that also going to ensure that siblings come together?

I think so, because siblings get the same due number.

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Never did the songs. Looks challenging. This is what I would do:

  1. Put the syblings in the separate decks.
  2. Make Mnemonics for every bird’s song ( like for the Morse code ).
  3. On each new card repetition, replay the song a few times.
  4. Make more Learning steps.
  5. Not listen to songs, mixed by Anki steps. in the same session.
  6. Suspend 4 cards; review one new card at a time: Ex: 1 2 3 5 60.
  7. Unsuspend 2-nd card and repeat.

Make a separate deck for cards 6 - 10.

Anki settings changes:

  • Activate the new scheduler.
  • Learn Ahead set to Zero.
  • Make Graduating intervals = 1d, for both.
  • Overwrite the Fuzz, in bulk – by Rescheduling New cards to 1d

Thank you @vit and @abdo for your feedback :slight_smile: This is a lovely community!

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5 new songs/day sounds very challenging. Be careful not to fall into the review trap by exceeding your maximum reviews/day (default=200).

Off topic (learning bird calls):
There is a nice add-on that you can use as a basis for your project

Maybe it’s a good idea to help develop this add-on further instead of reinventing the same thing.

Birdcalls (use the options): https://www.xeno-canto.org/
Bird name translator: BabelBirdy - Online Vogelnamen Übersetzung
Bird photos: Vogelfotos - Vögel aus Deutschland und Europa

Good luck!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Hey @Rolfi56 ! Thanks so much for your reply. That plugin looks awesome. And the bird name translator could be extremely useful if I decide to build something myself.