Delay learning sibling cards

I am using a large pre-made medical anki deck. I unsuspended all the cards I wanted to learn, then set my new card limit to 50 per day. Many cards I have learned have sibling cards that are still new (I haven’t learned them yet). Can I prevent learning these sibling cards until I have learned all the other new cards?

Note: I understand I can prevent studying sibling cards in the same session. That is not my question.

Thanks for you help!

There’s no automatic way to do that, but you could accomplish it by searching for card:2, selecting the cards, and using the reposition tool to give them due #s that are larger than all the first cards.

I have used subdecks and a dummy parent deck to get an offset between sibling cards. That would work to put all the Card 1s in front of all the Card 2s as well.

Change Deck to move all the Card 2s into a separate deck from the Card 1s, both under the same parent deck. Set the New card limit the same for all the decks, New Gather Order → Deck. Click the parent deck to study.

Parent deck - 50 New
–Card 1 deck - 50 New
–Card 2 deck - 50 New

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