Using a Tag to create a new deck


I have merged various shared decks in my learning Italian.
I then used Awesome TTS to produce sound clips for the Italian sides of the cards.
I was surprised to find that a large proportion of the merged deck had English on the front side and so I had the sound file giving me English - not what I wanted.
I have used ‘Find duplicates’ to find all those cards that were duplicating and deleted them.
I have been though all the cards and marked the Tag as ‘X’ as not having an Italian sound file.
I need now to take all those cards out of the merged deck, put them into a separate deck and then reverse the Front and Back entries so that Italian is on the front face before using Awesome TTS again to produce the Italian sound files and then re-merge into my main deck.

All of this is easy to say - trouble is:

  1. I cannot see how I collect all those cards to do this even if they are Tagged ‘X’ - and then remove them from the main deck.
  2. I do not know then how to reverse the card sides so Italian is on the front side.

The Anki manual and YouTube videos on Tags etc do not seem to help me.

Can you point me to somewhere that will help?


Jim Murray

For 1. Have you tried searching in the browser for tag:X, selecting them all in the browser, then using Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+D to change their deck.

For 2. If all the cards that have English on the front, have a separate note type from the cards that have italian on the front; you could go into their card template and swap the fields in the front and the back.

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If those cards use the same note type as your other cards, you can select them and use the Change Note Type menu item to change those cards to a different note type, so you can modify them independently of the others.