Creating nature observation decks with script

I needed decks for the kind of “what bird is this?” question, i.e. plant and animal identification from observations (images).

So I’ve written a python script. It pulls nature observations from iNaturalist
( and converts them to Anki flashcards (

With this script you can create decks of specific lists of organisms, whether it’s birds of South America, mushrooms of India or spiders of Indonesia or just any organism in your local area.

Each flashcard will contain an image or a sound file on the front and the
name and other information about the organism on the back.

I may use it to create some shared decks, but as there are potentially infinitely many possible decks one may want, I think it’s better to share the code so everybody can create one for their own need.

Unfortunately I can’t work out how to share a script file in this forum (understandably perhaps). Is there a way?

You could upload it to a platform like GitHub or GitLab, and link it here.