Best way to spread out related cards in scheduling?

Spaced repetition is working great except for a small hitch. When I study a new subject, and perhaps make 40-50 related notes, their schedules stay closely aligned. It gets far easier to recall the answers when you have just done a dozen related questions.

I’m curious if there’s a setting which can automatically spread out the schedules of these cards (without doing something like 50 cards in a note). I have no problem with doing some cards more frequently in order to break the synced schedules.

For due cards: You can use the reschedule tool in the brower, but that would mean messing with the calculated intervals. The scheduler already adds some randomisation to help with this problem. Maybe just doing fewer new cards per day is an option?

For new cards: Keep in mind the following paragraph from the Anki Manual.

Order controls whether Anki should add new cards into the deck randomly, or in order. When you change this option, Anki will re-sort the decks using the current option group. One caveat with random order mode: if you review many of your new cards and then add more new cards, the newly added material is statistically more likely to appear than the previously remaining cards. To correct this, you can change the order to ordered mode and back again to force a re-sort.


I don’t quite understand this paragraph in the manual. Does random order imply the new cards are shuffled randomly then inserted OR that they are put at a random position in the deck?

The latter. However, the caveat above states that it’s not that random in some cases.

Can we select a bunch of notes and mark them as siblings? I’ve been manually suspending and unsuspending cards after some time, but that does not scale well…

I’m afraid not. Can I link cards together? - Frequently Asked Questions