How new cards are distributed in reviews

One feature of Anki is annoying me. I have large deck of cards that I review daily (approx 50 old cards per day, 10-15 minutes). I’ve made a bunch of new cards that are being introduced at the rate of 5 per day. It seems that Anki’s algorithm distributes the new cards roughly evenly among my old reviews, so that I’ll see one new card per 10 old cards. This seems ineffective, as each day the last couple of new cards are shown near the end of my study session, meaning that repetitions of these new cards aren’t suitably spaced and tend to get crammed at the end of each study session. It seems that it would be better for my learning if all the new cards were introduced in, say, the first half of the study session. Is there any option to choose this please?

Yes, but you have to enable the V3 scheduler in the preferences first. Then go to Deck Options > Display Order > New/review order.


To clarify, it is possible to have new cards shown before reviews via a deck option, and this possibility was available in older schedulers via the preferences screen. There is no feature to spread over only the first half of the reviews however.