Basic and reversed card with repeated answer

When using Basic and Reversed cards, the answer is displayed twice, the first one shaded. Editing the cards, in the Template on the left, Card 1 displays the fields correctly, but in the Preview on the right there is a boxed field called "exomple’. This corresponds to the unwanted repeated text. I don’t know how it got there and I can’t delete it. Can you help?
Many thanks.

Could you share the exact note template you are using?

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Christophe, thank you very much for your reply. I managed to get rid of the duplication, but my Basic (and reversed card) cards for Italian/English vocabulary are not flipped. Two cards are created but they are duplicates of each other, eg Card 1 should should say ‘appunto’ on the front and ‘precisely’ on the back. Card 2 should be the reverse but they both show ‘appunto’ on the front and ‘precisely’ on the back. The two cards have slightly different due dates. I tried selecting all of the Card 2s and flipping them, but that didn’t work. Can you help?

I seem to have fixed this. I corrected one instance and it changed all the cards. This is what works…

Basic (and reversed card)

Card 1: Front > Back -
Front template {{Front}}
Back template {{FrontSide}}

Card 2: Back > Front -
Front template {{Back}}
Back template {{FrontSide}}

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