"Basic (and reverse card)"-cards not displaying correctly when reversed

This is how the standard looks:

And this is how it looks when the card is reversed:

Front template:

Back template:


This is probably due to the <-div class=“allign”> and allign{} in the “Front Template” and “Styling” respectively. I’m not experienced with CSS and HTML, however.

That much is obvious to me too. But I don’t understand why the align class isn’t properly applied when the card is reversed.

You have shown us the front and back of the first card template, but not the front and back of the second card template. If you want them to appear the same, the two card templates at the top need to be adjusted to match.


Oh my god I didn’t realize that there was a second tab to edit the styling. I though it would automatically just apply the styling to the flipped card. Thank you so much. For anyone else having the same problem:

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