Back-up cards so they can not be lost

hi everyone hope everybody is doing great, I’ve been using anki for a while and I’ve created about a 1k cards and I kinda fear losing them because i switched my study plan to anki, so I want to save my cards in a drive like google drive or mega but I don’t know how can I synchronize all my cards with those drives without repeating the process of downloading all my flashcards from ankiweb and then store them manually in my google drive, if you have some ideas to make this process quicker please share them.

Anki takes care of local and cloud (Ankiweb) back ups itself. Do you have a reason not to trust the built in back up mechanism? There is a section in the manual about backups in addition to this relevant note in the manual here:


Local automatic backups don’t include media.

I totally trust anki as an app and the developers behind it, I just have this fear of losing my cards cause it takes endless time to recreate them, so having a second back-up mechanism would be reassuring

What I do is is copying an automatic backup file to my Google Drive from time to time. I do not use the sync functionallity due the size of my collection. Same for media folder (I do skip TTS genereted audio files).