HELP! I need my flashcards back!

Hi guys,
I had made flashcards on the desktop version of Anki and i wanted to sync it to ankiweb so just incase my laptop breaks down i have it saved as back up. However i accidently pressed download from ankiweb instead of upload to ankiweb, please tell me any solutions so i can get my flashcards back!

p.s. when i try import file i think there is some of my flashcards in my laptop documents but they are all seperated from pictures and texts.

Not sure exactly how many new cards were added prior to upload, but if this was something over a period of time, then you can try to import the latest backup and see if they come back. I don’t know about your platform but on Linux the backups are stored at ~/.local/share/Anki2/USERNAME/backups .


Cheers man, I was being quite dumb I totally forgoti have backup on my computer, i have got them back now!!

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