Back tamplate has a problem:found {{furigana Context_jp⁩}}but there is no furigana context_jp field

i am getting this error what can i do?

If you have a field that’s named similarly to furigana Context_jp (for example, furigana Context-JP), rename it in the template to match what you actually have.

Because there’s a furigana function, I think it’s more likely that they were meant to have colons: furigana:Context_jp. See this section of the Anki manual: Field Replacements - Anki Manual. However, testing that with the inclusion guards gives an error:

I think furigana:Context_jp is probably meant to be somewhere, but NOT used as part of the inclusion guards. The result would look something like this:

If your cards’ Context_jp field or a field similarly named sometimes has brackets in it, it’s probably for this purpose.

But that doesn’t explain how the furigana Context_jp entries ended up where they are. I also see things like </span> at the start of the section instead of in the previous block. I’d try to find the original template and see if it’s free of issues so that I could overwrite the defective template (after backing up, creating and switching to a temporary profile, and importing the original shared deck to that temporary profile).


Thanks for replying, but somehow i corrected it by myself with some help from online