Automatically downgrade on exit

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  • Downgrade your collection, which is necessary if you want to open it with an earlier Anki release. If you skip this step, you may get an error message when opening your collection in an older Anki version, and you will need to return to this version, downgrade, then try again.

Is it possible to automatically downgrade currently viewed profile on exit?

Why would need something like this?

I’m accessing the same deck info from both my PC and my mobile AnkiDroid.

For some reason, AnkiDroid is still using the old database. Downgrading it on PC is the current workaround for making it still accessible from mobile.

You might want to consider using AnkiWeb to sync your data between devices, as it is easier. and does not have the risks associated with manually copying files about. If you must do that, the recommended way is via an Export+Import, which takes care of downgrading for you.

Yes, I’m aware of AnkiWeb syncing service. The problem is that it needs internet access to be synced.

I’m using Syncthing to sync between phone and laptop. It’s currently working well as long as I don’t forget to Ctrl-Shift-P downgrade and exit when I’m on PC.

Until AnkiDroid upgrades its database version to match the one on desktop, would it be possible to have database compatibility option for desktop?

If SyncThing is running while Anki is open, you risk file corruption by doing that, so I do not recommend it. But if you are determined, you can just upgrade to the latest AnkiDroid alpha and enable the new backend, and you’ll no longer need to downgrade.

Thank you. This works smoothly now.

If anyone else faces issue “App not installed as package conflicts with an existing package”, make sure to uninstall AnkiDroid from other user profiles as well, if you have them.

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