Anki Desktop new Profile synch with ankidroid


I wanted to start using anki again but have some problems with the synchronization.

I wanted to create a new profile, so i can start with 0 cards and only for my work. I created a new profile on anki desktop and created a card. Now how should i proceed to have also access on my ankidroid on this new profile? I just want to be able to study also on my phone.

when i clicked on synch on ankidesktop i got the message “that cards here is very different to ankiweb so they can not be put together and to overwrite either antidesktop to ankiweb or vica versa” but why are there different only bc i added a profile with 1 testcard?

also i don’t see the option to switch profiles on my ankidroid. how can i do that?

thanks a lot for your help

If I understand correctly, you don’t want to use the old profile anymore and you want to use the new profile only. Then, you can upload your new profile created in Anki to Ankiweb. There is the warning that cards are different because you have uploaded the first profile to Ankiweb and it is different.

You cannot switch a profile in AnkiDroid. Just sync, ankidroid will ask you the same as Anki: if you want to keep the Ankidroid collection or the Ankiweb collection. You will keep the Ankiweb collection.

You can return to your first profile. Simply switch the profile in Anki and sync.

No. what i want would be a separate anki. one for my work, and one for my private stuff, i thought the profile option would allow me to do that. it’s not that i don’t want my private stuff anymore but i want it separated. is there no way to do so?

I see. You can install a parallel build of AnkiDroid (…parallel.A.apk) and use it for the second profile. But you need a second AnkiWeb accout as well.

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thanks for ur answer. ok this seems a bit much. maybe i let all on one anki.

is it possible to make folders for the decks? So thati can make a a folder for private and one for my work. so i don’t have a big mess with 50 decks that i need to sort.

thanks for ur help

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You can make subdecks. So you will have two decks, work and private, and other 50 decks will be sorted as subdecks.


awesome. thanks for ur help. have a nice day

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