Automatic Optimisation of FSRS weights after 400 reviews threshold

As I said: “As long as there is still a way the user can fail the card…”

I agree, if there is no way to fail a card, then Anki is nothing more than a glorified reminder/scheduling system (but hey, if it works for some—why not?).

+1. Would be sad if I couldn’t fine-tune my own parameters anymore. But on the other hand, this would be killer (and much better than tinkering too much myself):

  • a simple button in the FSRS-Helper menu called optimize all FSRS parameters now
  • which optimizes the FSRS params for all decks (> 400 reps) at the same time.

Short and sweet.

There is “Optimize All Presets” in the menu described in Deck Options - Anki Manual, but it is not listed on that page.

Which page are you referring to? The FSRS guide mentiones “Optimize all presets”.

The page I linked to.

Oh, my bad, I misunderstood. @dae the Anki manual should definitely mention “Optimize all presets”.


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I would suggest also adding the following text here, under Presets:

  • Optimize all presets. This allows you to optimize parameters of all presets when FSRS is enabled.
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Thanks, done.

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