FSRS: Calculate new parameters automatically

At the moment users have to calculate their individual parameters manually (e.g. once a month as recommended by the creator).
I often forget when I calculated my parameters the last time.

I would suggest an option in the Deck options to see when I changed parameters the last time like “parameters where changed on 5th of January” or “two weeks ago”.
Additionally a useful setting would be to automatically calculate parameters (e.g. once a month / once a week / never / etc.).
Then people wouldn’t have to bother it anymore once they have set it all up :slight_smile:

regards :slight_smile:


Great idea. I too would like an option to toggle automatic parameter optimization, maybe after a certain review threshold.

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Even if it sounds good there are 2 current issues with such an approach:

  1. In the current backend implementation all cards that are using optimized preset are marked as modified. Consider the following scenario:
    a. User makes some reviews on device A. Does not sync.
    b. User opens device B and auto-optimization is triggered.
    Result: not synced reviews from device A are lost, because “modification” on device B is newer.
  2. In this comment L.M.Sherlock stated: “According to my recent analysis, the new parameters are better than the old one in only 60% cases if you re-optimize every 1000 reviews.”
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a little note that states when the parameters have been optimized the last time would sufficiate for now :slight_smile:


I believe @AnKingMed has also suggested to add a pop-up notification. While I would prefer automatic optimization, a regular pop-up is better than nothing.


@Dae thoughts? I know you don’t want to add automatic regular optimization, but how about a regular pop-up?

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There’s a reasonable chance such a feature will be introduced in a future update.

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