Autofill pinyin field after hanzi field

Current note structure

I have a Chinese note with two fields:

  1. Hanzi (Chinese ideograms) ;
  2. Pinyin (Latin transcription of the ideogram).

Some observations

Until now, I manually fill both Hanzi and Pinyin fields. But I saw here and their that many software, websites, and programming library easily convert hanzis to pinyin.

The question

So is their a way to automatically fill the Pinyin field at the note creation instead to fill it manually?


I saw the addon Chinese Support Redux which seems doing that. But I don’t really understand his behavior.

Depending on your anki version chinese support redux might not work any more. For 23.10+ I instead recommend using chinese support 3, which is an updated version. Its main feature is precisely to autofill pinyin and meanings. Just type in the hanzi into the hanzi field, press tab, and the pinyin should fill automatically.

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