Automatically generate decks after a card with multiple fields

The current situation

To study Chinese I have tree decks chinese-hanzi, chinese-pinyin, and Maobi (and addon to remember and draw strokes in the good order and way).

Each of them have a card with meaning and pronunciation. Also the chinese-hanzi and Maobi have an additional pinyin field who is a duplicate from chinese-pinyin.

The problem

As you see, their is lot of dispersion and redundancy. Also, for each new word I have to manually feed tree times all this decks.

The expected behaviour

Ideally, I want to type only one time in one card each new word. This card should include the fields :

  1. Hanzi (chinese symbol) ;
  2. pinyin (Latin standardize transliteration) ;
  3. Meaning ;
  4. Pronunciation ;
  5. Etymology (It’s highly important to remember the hanzi).

After then, the decks should ideally automatically generated, as example :

  • Guess hanzi meaning: recto:hanzi and verso:pinyin+meaning+pronunciation ;
  • Guess hanzi after meaning: recto: meaning verso:hanzi ;
  • Guess pinyin: recto:hanzi verso:pinyin ;
  • Guess stroke way and order: a normal Maobi deck.

The question

Is this workflow possible? Is it already made somewhere and how can I get it?

Additional talk

As I said here and their, lot of people asking for batch and automation process inside Anki. And basically the answers are “not”· BTW, probably the process I describe here is shared by lot of persons, and some of them already find a solution for it.

Yes, you can do this.

By the way, you are using the term “card” incorrectly, what you are referring to is actually a “note”. A note has fields and can have multiple cards.

So you could have fields named:

Then you can click on the Cards… button and create multiple cards from the same note.

You could create a Hanzi-Meaning card whose Front template would contain:


and whose Back template would be:


<hr id=answer>


And then you could create a Hanzi-Pinyin card, a Meaning-Hanzi card, and so on.


Thank you. Your solution was totally helpful :slight_smile:

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