Mandarin Chinese Deck: How to show all fields?

I have a Mandarin Chinese Deck to which I custom-added cards.

The fields I filled out:

  • English (e.g. “hello”)
  • Hanzi (你好)
  • Pinyin (nǐhǎo)

When I click Study Now, I’m shown the english translation. After hitting spacebar, I see the pinyin only. I’d like to see both the pinyin and the Hanzi as the solution.

Could you please tell me how to do this? Or how to change which field is the question, and which field(s) the answer?

When reviewing one of the cards, you can press “e” to get the Edit Current window.

Click on the Cards… button, and then Back Template.

You should see {{Pinyin}} somewhere in the template text.

You can change that to:



Thank you so much!! :pray:

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