Detect duplicates for two fields

Current situation

Anki’s configuration

In my Chinese deck, I have the fields (the ones in bold are the relevant ones):

  1. Hanzi (Chinese symbol);
  2. Pinyin (Latin transliteration);
  3. Definition;
  4. …And other unnecessary fields for this thread.

Class learning management

But, in my class, we always start studding from Monday until Wednesday new words in Pinyin, and in the remaining days of the week we study their corresponding Hanzis.

So, I start insert pinyin in my notes, and from Thursday I start updating the notes.

The problem

So, as you can guess when I retype an already registered pinyin sequence in the insertion form in the Pinyin field this one isn’t detected as already existing, and it occur duplicates.

The question

How to set duplicates detection for both Hanzi and Pinyin fields?

Appendix — Dead ends

I found the Flexible Duplicate Checking add-on but he isn’t useful. Because he detect duplicates of couple of values between two different fields. I mean when two notes have both of them two fields having the same values. It’s a kind of AND condition. When In my case I search something like that but with an OR condition.

One Pinyin usually corresponds to more than one Hanzi, for example “shí” can mean “石”, “实”, “食”, etc.

So I don’t think it’s a good idea to detect duplicates of Pinyin.


In most cases, one Hanzi has one Pinyin. However there’re some special Hanzis have more than one Pinyin, which we call them “多音字”(duō yīn zì; polyphonic characters). Usually, A Hanzi using different Pinyins has different meanings. For instance, “乐” means “happy” when its Pinyin is “lè” while it means “music” when its Pinyin is “yuè”.


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