Is there a way to turn fields into notes

i have a deck of chinese characters and a field called “variants” - is there a way to make each character in the variant field turn into its own card while utilizing/duplicating the other fields from the original note? tried doing this manually but realized it would take a million years

definition: vegetarian diet; study; to fast, abstain
pronunciation: zhāi
variant characters: 齋 斎 亝 㪰 䄢 䬩 夈 𠆈 𠫱 𠮘 𢋿 𤻦 𥚪 𥜷 𩛚 𩝦 𩱥 𩱳 𪗑 𪗒 𪗓

turning this note with two cards(character front with definition and back and definition back character front) into a note with 23 cards - one for each of the characters in the the variant field

Maybe you can do it in debugger Writing Anki Add-ons
Write a for loop to iterate over your variant characters(vc), and add note(c,vc).
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