Chinese deck: from traditional to simplified characters

Hello everyone,
I downloaded a couple of HSK1 Chinese deck. In the notes I see it’s possible to pass from traditional to simplified chinese, but I really don’t know how.
Could you help me?

It is probably explained in the notes you mentioned. But I suspect your deck will have a traditional field and a simplified field, so you will have to check the names of those fields and replace one with the other in the template.

If you can do it on Desktop go to Cards....

If you can only do in on AnkiDroid, it’s a bit more cumbersome (basically open a card, go to the three dots menu, select Edit note, scroll all the way down and select the name of the card template you want to edit. Select Front or Back and change the traditional field name to the simplified one (or add simplified, so you can have both).

It’ll probably be something like {{Traditional}} and `{{Simplified}}``.

But you probably have the specific info on the deck page.

If you can’t figure it out, send us a screenshot of the fields in your notes and your template.

Good morning,

I don’t see any explanation notes in the deck info, that’s why I wrote my email.

Example of what I see on my Ankidroid:


The card I see it’s only the traditional one. How can I switch to the simplified one? I’ve tried cancelling the traditional one by one, but I obtain the following message (in italian): the first field is empty.


Not cancelling the traditional one by one. Instead, try to replace WordTraditional to WordSimplified. Meanwhile, according to the error meassage, you should set the WordSimplified field as the first field too. However, it may have scripts in the note to do so instead of just do it manually. Would you mind pasting the Front and Back content of the note to here to let me have a check?

here below front+rear+change note page. I tried different solutions, but no one solved the issue.

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, maybe I didn’t make myself clear.

I meant could you copy the content in the Front and Back template in the note to here. Specifically like below.

I want to check the source HTML, not the preview.

Besides, you could paste the code here using markdown code syntax like below, which will enhance its readability.

{ paste your Front and Back template here }
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here the front


And here the back


Thanks for your kind support.


I’m wondering why the Front is as same as the Back and why there’s no {{Definition}} field. Do you mind upload your notetype(seems to be HSK-cef09 in your screenshot). You can export the deck with the notetype to do that. Only one cards needed if you are worrying about sharing your collection. In detail, I would like to check the HTML not only in the notetype, but also in other fields.


how can I upload the notetype? I have the android version on my phone where I can see these commands (in italian):

If you only use AnkiDroid, it would be difficult to do some complex operation. Exporting your notetype is one of them.

So I will try my best to tell you how to change the order of your field in AnkiDroid. Then you could replace all {{WordTraditional}} with {{WordSimplified}}, and set {{WordSimplified}} as the first field, as an alternative.

Press the three-dot button and press “Manage note types”.

Press the notetype that you want to change its field order. In my screenshot is TestNT.

There’re two fields in the test notetype and I want to set the Back field as the first one. So I press it. It would be WordSimplified in your case.

Press “Reposition field”.

Input “1” and press “OK”.

Then the field order is modified successfully as expected.

This may could fix the warning that tells you there’s no the first field in the notetype or saying similar things.

Then you just have to replace WordTraditional to WordSimplified in both Front and Back side in your notetype.

Of course, if you want to export your notetype, you could try to export the whole collection, which might be large.

I’m just an ordinary Anki user, and I’m not skilled in Anki. So there might be some issues in my reply. Hopefully this could help you.


when you say “Then you just have to replace WordTraditional to WordSimplified in both Front and Back side in your notetype.” you mean for each card I have to replace the type?

Thanks for your support!


I don’t think you have to change the fields order. The error you got is because you deleted the contents of the first field (WordTraditional) in a note.

You only need to change the template in one of your cards. So go to the template (as @PilgrimLyieu explained here Chinese deck: from traditional to simplified characters - #6 by PilgrimLyieu) and in Front put only the fields you want to see in the Front of your cards. Do the same for Back.

You say this is your Front and Back:

But looking at the screenshots of your cards, I don’t think you copied that correctly. Please, check again. In any case, this is the part you should modify, deleting any mention to traditional if that what you want.

Also, doing all this on a computer would be much easier for you! And u less you have a strong preference for this specific deck, there are many other decks for HSK words that you can use and that use simplified by default.

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I couldn’t solve the problem. Now I’m using Anki desktop and I found another deck with only simplified characters.
Thanks anyway.

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