Auto language detection fault

Hi, as circled in the picture, I created a deck in Persian, bus the system automatically recognized it as Arabic, how can I change this setting on my IPad?

Those are the names of the card types. On the desktop version, go to Tools > Manage Note Types > select the note type affected > Cards, and at the top will be a dropdown for the card types. You can rename them. The card types get their names from the fields by default, so you might want to rename those as well. Make sure you’re synced because the changes will require a full sync afterwards.

I assume the deck you downloaded reused the note templates from an Arabic deck, and that’s why they are called that. There’s no auto detection that I’m aware of for field names.

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(card template names can not currently be customized in AnkiMobile - the computer version of Anki is required for this)