Audio recorder to work if app is backgrounded

From github, (OP snowtimeglass)
Some users seem to feel it is an issue to be fixed.

Sherry the upgrade i cannot record sound from Google Translate. This is because recording stops after losing focus (to switch to Google Translate). Can you fix this?

(…) I am trying to add the sound from the dictionary to the entry, but when I leave the Anki to play the recording in the dictionary (after I pressed record in Anki), Anki automatically stops the process of recording. (…) I will have to leave AnkiDroid if it is not fixed. (…)

(from Play store review)

`AnkiDroid Version = 2.17.5`
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Counterpoint – are there other apps that allow you to record in one app what you’re playing in another app? That seems like a high expectation and unusual use case.

A better option would be for the user to simply download/attach the audio file to their note (in the case of “the dictionary”), or use TTS to read it (in the case of GT).

Yes there are, and the reason given here is valid for some user, we already had the discussion on the original issue, but since we are migrating to the forums the original one was closed and hence I opened it here.

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I certainly try to do my homework before responding, but the only link you included was to the Google Group post. If there is important context or a discussion that you’re continuing, I would hope you’d include that here.

Apologies, here is the github link