Cannot add voice recording individually to front/back field

In the past, when studying, I wanted to hear my own voice recording from the front field (basic card type). I would record my voice directly in Anki for each card of a deck in Deck Browser. The Front Field text would open during study and the audio would play directly and correctly. Since the most recent large update, I’ve been unable to do so. The “basic” card type locks both the front and back fields. Anki automatically changed the default basic card type to “Basic-b7f8d” and the fields are unlocked. However, when I click the attachment paper clip and go into “Audio Recording”, both the Front and Back fields are shown under “Field Contents”. Even if I click on record, the microphone activates but the recording does not get saved. All I want to do is make my way back to my original way of studying. It still works on my PC but the first second or so is cut off. Any help would be much appreciated!

Which version are you using?

I’m using 2.16.5

I can’t reproduce this issue on 2.16.5 for now. Could you do on another Android device?

I don’t have another device, unfortunately. I’ve uninstalled and re-downloaded Anki but the problem persists

The pb doesn’t come from Anki.
If you have Windows, go the parameters, look for “sound” or “microphone” and validate the permission to record.
On the phone, you can do the same. Search sound parameters to give permission to applis to record towards your phone.

Thanks for your response. As I said in the original post, the microphone icon in android appears when the recording should start and Anki certainly has permissions in App settings. As you can see in the screenshot, when “basic” is selected as card type, the fields are blocked.

In general, you can’t edit the contents of the fields after changing the note type and before saving the note. During the work, the fields are locked to input as the screenshot.

After saving the note of the screenshot above once, the fields are unlocked to input and you can edit the content again, I guess.

Perhaps I’m not understanding; the screenshot I uploaded isn’t when I’m working but when I’m browsing cards and editing. I just changed the note types of a whole deck back to “Basic” and re-synced. The problem unfortunately persists. It’s odd because this has only been happening since the last big update. Everything was fine on this device until then. Thank you for trying, though.

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(For what it’s worth, what I was trying to say by “the work” is the procedure of changing the note type and saving the note in the “Edit note” screen either in the reviewer or in the card browser.)

Anyway, have you already tried “Check database”? Also, have you tried one-way synchronization from AnkiWeb by “Force full sync”?

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