Audio not working on Anki desktop 2.1.34

Hello Damien, greetings.

I updated to latest anki desktop version 2.1.34, and audio on the cards stopped working. The ‘play’ icon which used to appear on Cards is also not there.

The audio do play fine on Latest AnkiMobile though.

Also, the Anki desktop has 1 more bug which i would like to bring into your attention:

Bolding anything in the hint part of a cloze [ - Cloze::Hint ], leads to whole of the line after the cloze to take up the color set for the bold after the answer is shown.

Thank You.

About the audio, if it helps…

The ‘play’ icon which used to appear on Cards is also not there.

If it’s not hidden by some CSS code in Styling, the ‘play’ icon should be visible even if Tools - Check Media reports the audio file as missing. I’d suggest to check that the field contains [sound:123.mp3] and the same field could be found on Front or Back Template.

Or maybe the ‘play’ icon was disabled in Preferences.

audio on the cards stopped working.

Maybe run Tools - Check Media. Maybe it’ll report some missing or unused audio files.


Thank you, Sir Kelciour.

My audio is now working. The show play buttons on cards with audio was ‘unchecked’ before too.

Now, only my ‘Cloze bold’ query is alive.

I can’t reproduce it with a simple example.

Thank you for your reply damien.

I am attaching the images to explain what happens on my pc.

Bolding it =

Front card =

Back card =

[color of ‘can lead to’ changed automatically to color of the ‘bold’]

I think when the double semicolon are bolded, then this happen.

Your styling should begin and end inside the section - if it starts in the :: part, it leads to invalid HTML.

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Thank you for this info damien.