Audio buttons missing

I recently installed the Debian 11 operating system on my laptop, having previously been running Ubuntu 20. After installing Anki and syncing with my web account, I find that the audio buttons are missing from my Anki cards:

There ought to be two buttons here: one for the answer and another for the sample sentence. I can play the audio by pressing R, but then it plays both, whereas I only want to be able to play one at a time.

This is what the card data look like:


Audio can’t be played in a field that you have to type the answer into. You either need to put the audio in a different field, or put it on your template twice, once without {{type:…}}

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There is no type-in field. The second screenshot is the edit box, to show what code I used. The first screenshot is the actual Q and A bit.

Could you post the cards’ templates?