Audio Keeps Playing Into Next Card

So I have a ton of cards with audio (from the AnKing Deck for med students) and the audio will play but then when I click onto the next card, the audio continues playing without stopping. The only way to make it stop is going back out to my Decks page and then I have to re-enter the deck. I tried to change my audio preferences to not automatically play the audio thinking it might help, but it just forces me to click the play button to make a card play its audio, but the same problem is still happening where there’s no way to stop the audio and the it just keeps playing even after I click onto next card. If the next card also has audio, it doesn’t play the new card’s audio and the old audio from the previous card just keeps going instead. Please help! Btw I have Version ⁨2.1.54.

Try going to Tools → Preferences and then toggle Interrupt current audio when answering


wow thank you so much, this worked perfectly!

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