Audio issue: the same apkg file works well on some apps and corrupted on others

Hello I have a good number of cards with translations and audio pronunciations that I’ve created on AnkiWeb. I’m exporting and sending it to my students. Before everything was working fine but since a few weeks, the audio files are shown as corrupted and don’t play after recent importations. The same apkg file that was importing well before does not work anymore. My students use AnkiDroid and AnkiApp. And there is the same issue on both programs. But when I import the same apkg file in Best indie Anki app everything works well again. So, the apkg file itself is not corrupted, but the error is caused while importing or syncing. I don’t really understand the system. Can you help me please?

This app is unofficial and not supported here.

Are you getting an error message? Can you share the apkg?

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Thank for your answer! Nope. No error message, but the importation speed is much faster. But at the same time the same file imports normally in the other app…
They say I can’t include links or import apkg files. How can I share it with you.

New forum users can’t share links. You can work around this by sharing the links in parts like / my-file or maybe by using the editor’s Preformatted text option.

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Oh maybe like this? I’ve uploaded it to:
easyupload dot io/zi25u0
Thank you very much for your attention!

The file seems fine to me, and imported into a fresh profile in the computer version without issue. I’d expect it to work fine with AnkiDroid as well, but don’t have a copy to hand to test with, so perhaps someone else can confirm there.

Thank’a a lot! Yes, unfortunately there is a problem on Ankidroid too…

I can’t test with AnkiDroid too now because the file was removed from gofile.

I suggest reporting the issue to the AnkiDroid maintainers: Issues · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

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