Audio field not working, but sound tag works in Kanji field?

Hi, was hoping someone could help me understand why my card setup isn’t working as expected.

To be clear it is working, but not how I would expect.

I’ve set up yomichan → anki integration, and it is working as in the cards show up. But when the sound tag is in the ‘Audio’ field it doesn’t work. I was just messing around and I put the audio tag in the ‘Kanji’ field and… The sound works…

It works on Windows desktop, it works in IOS app. But not if the sound tag is in Audio.

I’m pretty sure the problem is on my end, but I’m not quite able to figure out where the failure is.

Worst case I can definitely sort out a workaround, but it’s mystifying me right now :slight_smile:

Any assistance is appreciated!

Is the audio field included on the front or back of the card template? If not, you’ll need to add it.

Thank you for responding!

I’m a bit confused, the screenshot shows a field named ‘audio’.

I’m assuming there’s another place/method to configure audio fields that I’m missing (more than possible).

Where would I find that? A link to the docs on configuring audio fields would probably help, I did look through the docs but didn’t find what I think I’m looking for.

Thanks @dae I appreciate the help.

I had looked at that set of docs but didn’t find anything specific to audio.

Based on the screenshot I’ve got two fields with Audio tags in them. The one named ‘Audio’ doesn’t work. The one named ‘Kanji’ does.

As it stands this deck is now 'working" for me… It’s a bit of a mess but when you’re not competent… you make do with what you’ve got til you learn more :slight_smile:

You need to put a reference to the field in your front/back template (Click the Cards button in the editor). Example:



That was it!


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