App for UbuntuTouch

Hey guys,

i really appreciate Anki (desktop) and AnkiWeb (cloud) and AnkiDroid (phone) since about 5 years! I never had issues.

I actually like AnkiDroid so much, that it is the only app on my phone that keeps me from installing UbuntuTouch. I looked for Anki in the native Appstore, so called ‘OpenStore’, but did not find it.

Is there any Chance i can install UbuntuTouch and then install AnkiDroid somehow? I know i probably can run ‘normal’ Anki on UbuntuTouch, right? But then it is most likely not usable by Touchpad.

How much work is it to write an app like AnkiDroid for the appstore of UbuntuTouch?

Thanks for your replies!