Custom app for eink device using AnkiWeb

Hi! Been working for a while on an Anki app for my eink device - it uses Playwright (open source framework for web testing, kinda like a more morden version of selenium) to mock a virtual browser that interacts with AnkiWeb and then mirrors it to the device. Would it be OK to publish this to github? Not sure who the people are behind AnkiWeb.

I’m afraid AnkiWeb’s terms and conditions do not allow programmatic access. An alternative (and probably simpler/less likely to break) way you could implement this is to have your code make requests to AnkiConnect.

Oh, that’s a real shame - I’m just curious, why is that? It’s just a headless chrome browser that interacts with it - my first option was trying AnkiConnect but I encountered a lot of issues with syncing and completing decks. Do you have any other suggestions? This would be really beneficial to people with eink devices

It’s a free service, and I’m afraid I don’t want to have to deal with potential issues caused by private APIs being misused, or complaints from people when a private API someone was using is changed.

If your e-ink device runs Android, you may be able to get AnkiDroid running on it.

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That is understandable; no worries. It sadly doesn’t run Android, but thank you for the suggestion - I’ll see if there’s anything else. (Just fwiw it wouldn’t have been private at all, all my projects are open-source and on GitHub) I appreciate the quick replies.

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