AnkiDroid 2.18 Changelog

AnkiDroid releases are back to a regular schedule! Highlights of this release are an improved syncing UX, a new design for our previewer, and additional ecosystem compatibility improvements for card browser functionality.

Sending out an additional thank you to everyone who contributed to AnkiDroid during the Google Summer of Code application period, and an additional welcome to our 3 selected GSoC contributors for 2024: Ashish, Sanjay and Anoop. If you’re on GitHub, give them a follow! We’re excited to be back for 2024!

General releases should be rolling out once Google are done with their reviews, they’ll be available:

:fist_right::fist_left: Thank you! Your donations makes progress like this happen! Donate here💰



  • Newly designed previewer
  • Improved media syncing user experience (enable notifications to enable)
  • Delete Account up to date with new Google requirements
  • Redesigned ‘Set due date’ screen, with new options:
    • select from date range
    • optionally update interval
  • Updated ‘Forget Cards’ dialog with additional options:
    • Restore queue positions (where possible)
    • Reset repetition & lapse counts
  • Card Browser: Toggle ‘bury’ status of multiple cards
  • Deck Options: Show progress when optimizing all presets
  • Reviewer: streamlined ‘Check Pronunciation’ design
  • Previewer: keyboard shortcuts for ‘flag’ and ‘mark’
  • Deck Picker: add ‘search’ keyboard shortcut
  • Drawing editor: “undo stroke”
  • Note Editor: Hierarchical deck selection
  • Deck creation
    • Add a suggestion to fix the [1 > 10 > 2] problem when ordering decks
  • Statistics: Hide toolbar on scroll
  • Statistics: Match color of status bar with toolbar
  • Manage Note Types: Add search bar
  • Unused Media: make text selectable
  • Too many translations to mention. Thank you!


  • Reviewer: Video Playback is now automatic
  • Reviewer: Prevent highlights when using a bluetooth controller
  • Reviewer: Fix crash with custom study when deleting parent deck
  • Filenames displayed correctly when they contain multiple periods
  • Removed unnecessary sync reminders
  • Restoring a backup
  • Creating a new deck no longer immediately displays a ‘duplicate’ warning
  • Tags dialog: fix alignment of ripple animation
  • Improved CSS compatibility with Anki Reviewer: word wrap; background alignment; lists and preformatted text are now left-aligned; type answer changes
  • Reviewer: audio can now be recorded using JavaScript
  • Deck Picker: scroll position is maintained on deleted deck
  • fix crash on clicking ‘user actions’ in preferences search
  • i18n: Hebrew localization fixes
  • Card Template Editor: fix scrolling issues
  • Tablets: Update study options after deleting a deck
  • Shared decks: fix ‘cancel’ icon alignment
  • Shared decks: Restrict browser to required websites
  • JS API: new/lrn/rev counts are now integers

Anki Changes

AnkiDroid now uses Anki Desktop’s backend logic for most operations. Any backend changes from the following have been included:

Release Statistics:

If you encounter any problems, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, either on this post, Discord [#dev-ankidroid] or privately to me via PM or chat.

Thanks for using AnkiDroid,

David (on behalf of the AnkiDroid Open Source Team)

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Is there anything you can do to make older versions work? This update and googles new ToS have absolutely ruined me wanting to use this App.

The build post 2.16.5 has been absolutely awful. But I didn’t see a reason to complain because I wasn’t forced to update… But now. I highly dislike that you have removed nearly every customization option and made the view stats both worse/harder to read and harder to navigate between study decks.

Any help you could provide would be wonderful

Feel free to download old versions from GitHub

Parallel.A installs alongside ‘stable’, and continues to have full access to storage

I see, frustrating but workable thanks