API to create accuont


Would you accept to consider creating a API to create account from ankidroid.
One of the main interest I see would be to allow the interface to be localized, which currently is impossible.
The other goal, according to the person who had the original idea would simply be to have a consistent interface for signig up and login.

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I’m afraid not. If spam accounts suddenly become more of a problem, the current approach would allow us to throw a captcha on the login page; an API would prevent this. Controlling the signup flow also means I can be sure people have been presented with the terms and conditions screen, and are aware of the site they are signing up to.


You probably already know it, however, I’d like to note that CAPTCHA are not incompatible with API.
In practice, it could work as follow:

  • We send you an init request, identifying ourselves as Ankidroid 4.15 for example
  • You send back an id and either an image, a text or nothing
  • If there is an image/a text, we show it to the user with a field for them to enter text
  • Then when the user as filled everything, we send you password, email and the answer and the id
  • You check the answer and only if it works returns the saved value, otherwise a failure

This would mean that any time you want to add a captcha, ankidroid is already ready for it, whatever captcha you use if it’s image/text based.

Concerning terms and conditions, of course, we should work a way that ensure that the user can read them. I assume that in this case, a link is unavoidable. Realistically, I assume a lot of users don’t read them (Given the number of time people I spoke with were surprised that you are allowed to use some review log, but not content…) So I assume that keeping a native interface for login but T&C and privacy in another window makes sens.

By the way, privacy still mention tenderapp for logging issue. but not github.