Is it possible to cancel a wrong response on ankiweb?

I know this is possible on the application but can you confirm to me that it is not possible working online on ankiweb ?
As a consequence I do not use ankiweb because I am afraid of making a mistake I can’t correct then. Spending time working online would allow me and us to earn free money thanks to brave browsers.
Hope you understand. Thank you in advance for your response.

AnkiWeb offers only basic functionality. It is a free service that costs money to run - if you have access to the computer version, please use that instead.

Hello Dae,

Ok thank you for your response.
I understand that it costs to maintain an online service.
I am not an expert, this is just an idea, but I think anki could easily create its own crypto money on ethereum, allowing the financing of its services freely with no obligations to buy for its users (neither the new crypto money nor the service itself). A lot of people are willing to trade any crypto money and it can finance things, and it could be great for an open source software to learn like anki from my point of view. I am sure someone is going to do it at one moment.

Best regards,