Anyone do anki while on threadmill/rowing machine in gym? use controller? thx


recently i wanna boost my productivity while on the above machines, by doing anki.

today somehow think of the anki controller plugin, or as someone suggest indeep any controller (I use windows tablet) /w button-mapping-software will work.

anyone do exercise in this way?

I use desktop version + wintab.
For my win tab, software available are:

  1. JoyToKey (recommend by anking but the .exe is unsigned),
  2. AntiMicroX (not signed but could dnld from github, more safe).
    looks like autohotkey wont work as it didn’t work well /w anki itself?

thank you.

our gym exactly use this concept2 handle:

There are only 2 add-ons which remotely controls anki that i know of

im unsure of what are you asking, did you have problems with the controller add-on when you set up with JoyToKey or AntiMicroX? They should work, but in case it doesn’t, consider submitting an issue in Issues · roxgib/anki-contanki · GitHub or in Contanki [Official Support Thread]

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I’m playing catch up a bit after a period of being too busy with work, but 23.10 support for Contanki shouldn’t be far away!


if possible,
may i ask is 8bitdo’s zero 2 a good go for using with win10 tab + desktop anki thru bluetooth with your addon?

since it’s cheap and i could buy from official agents.
also it’s more flat than those typical PS/xbox controllers so i can wrap 8bitdo onto the rowing machine’s handle…
i am aware that at max it only provide 12 buttons.


thx for reply,

i am asking more on non-technical things.

  1. i am not a free rider, there is also a paterone one by the well known anki developer glutamine.

  2. these are really what i wanna ask:

a. Is it Okay to do academic thinking like anki while on exercise? the brain have less blood…

b. it can also flag cards? how about add notes?
do someone use speech to text (STT) to help write notes? I wanna record what i missed in my answer

my current best bet is open another android phone, start the chatgpt plus app for android, and during the discussion function(available only last month), it can "keep note" for me. before this i seldom play with voice input on android and i dont think those non-chatgpt could understand any corrections on the fly.

ps: chatgpt API will do the trick to allow addons add STT into word etc, but the monethly subscription seems MADE rather handicapped.


I wanted to do Anki while training my cardio so I switched to stationary bike. It still can get your heart rate pumping but you have free hands to use Anki comfortably on your phone.

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i am overweight, BMI > 30,
but the bikes seems to be too soft,
i didn’t sweat even after 1 hr of bike.

threadmill’s workload is higher,
beginning around 15mins i’ll begin to sweat.

rowing is in the middle,
30min+ will cause me to sweat.

i got bunch of heart rate monitors but all are inaccurate,
so i rely on “sweating = enough work done”.
(ideally, it should be 220-my age x 70-80% bit per minute as target heart rate).

thanks for reminding me anyway.

I would have thought a bike would be better because your upper body is stable, making it easy to review at the same time. On a treadmill I’d find it too distracting, even if I was just walking. But I’m sure people can make it work.

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Lol. Even professional bikers can be out of breath after hard 15 minutes. You are just going to light.
And side note: to create calorie deficit you should work with your diet. Exercising is good, but you cannot over-exercise bad diet. Good diet and resistance training are key for staying in good shape.

Enough from my side. I diverged from Anki related topic too much.

a. Is it Okay to do academic thinking like anki while on exercise? the brain have less blood…

Never tried so can’t tell, only tried exercise + rest, which in rest I did some cards, but it was mostly non-cardio

See some reddit posts below

You can flag cards, it is in the image of the add-on page, not sure about adding notes, since the purpose of the add-on is to make a fun way of reviewing cards

Just flag cards which you want to edit, and when you are in the desktop mode, you edit those flagged cards

Some reddit posts about threadmill + anki

If you are unsure, you can add the automatic display answer function (Settings → Reviewing) which flip the card after x seconds, then mark as correct as y seconds

Tutorials to set up controller on Anki

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yeah thx for the reply.

yet i mean writing back feedback after reviewing a card is quite important to me. (add notes i dont mean add a new card)

i think i’ll try use android’s chatgpt plus apk to do so. today i talked with it for 15mins and it got everything i speak (in english mostly)


yeah, this worked.
today i tried stationary bike.
i sweat as on threadmill.
may be i didn’t increase the resistance too much before.

now my hands are completely free for mini keyboard /w tablet or a phone, thanks.

ps stationary bike and rowing machine seems more safe than threadmill and ecliptical runners. you sits on a bike and a rowing machine so it’s hard to fell off.

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