Controller on anki desktop

I’ve watched a video of the anking where he highly recommended using a controller when reviewing, I’m about to buy one and i need some advice if it is real useful and what does it provide of particular?

I would not recommend a controller because they are useful for games which have high complex combo usage as Resident Evil. Anki has no complex combos for you to run. You either have to press, Enter, 1, 2, 3 and my be the number 4, but only at once (not in combo like Resident Evil) when you are reviewing cards. And in some cases, there are cards in which you have to type the answer, then a controller would definitely be useless and you would have to switch to a full keyboard anyways.


I see, thanks a lot for raising this problem. and there is another one, that i rembered while reading you’re answer, when you’re reviewing you’re own flashcards you can’t edit them with the controller and that will make you less interactive with the app