AnkiWeb PW Reset - Not Received

Hello, I’m attempting to get my decks on my phone to sync to my Windows 10 Desktop Anki. Currently my desktop app shows no decks. When I hit sync on the desktop app I get a “connection timed out. Please try again… Error Details: (blank)”. When I try to sync on my apple iphone from within the Anki app it asks me to log in. I log in using my ankiweb account and it tells me I need to go to the ankiweb site and log in to confirm my email. I’ve used ankiweb for years but it’s been a while since my last attempt to sync. I go to ankiweb and log in and I’m told I need to confirm my email via the link sent to my mailbox. The issue starts here. I never get the link to reset my pw/confirm my account. I’ve tried twice. I was able to get the email to create this forum account to post this. But my ankiweb account verification email never arrived. How do I go about resetting my pw or getting access to sync again?

It looks like you were able to confirm your email - have your issues been resolved?

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